• Conference/Seminar

    Providing future trend & case
    study by each association and
    leading company

  • Demonstration・Future Zone

    Providing demonstration area
    that make it possible to “see”,
    “touch”, “experience”

  • Echibit/Presentation

    Providing an opportunity to
    exchange business information
    between visitors and exhibitors

What’s IAAE?

IAAE provides an opportunity to exchange business, transmitting the various information, trend related to Auto Aftermarket, from purchase, hand tool, auto equipment, maintenance & repair to Infrastructure.

What’s Focusing on?

Asian Parts / Products

・High-quality, Cost-competitive materials from Asian regions, such as China, Taiwan, South Korea,
  ,Indonesia, Malaysia, and more
・Various parts & products for automobile & motorcycle

Next Generation Maintenance & Repair

・Clean Diesel car-related
・Lightweight materials ( Plastic / Aluminum / High Tensile Strength Steel)

International Business Exchange

・Between Overseas supplier and Japanese buyer
・Between Overseas dealer / buyer and Domestic parts / product maker

IAAE 2014 Movie report(Click here !!)

  • KOAA SHOW2014

  • Latin Auto Parts

  • taipei


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